We are a not-for-profit organization, International and Dutch kids' playgroup based in Almere, The Netherlands.
We are operating through our members who volunteers their time, talents and skills.


Our Humble Beginning, The History of ABCDE.

ABCDE Playgroup first opened its door in 2004. A Mother from the UK arrived in Almere missing the playgroup comfort she and her kids has available back home. After months of looking for different options and activities she can do with the kids - she realized how helpful it will be for the other parents such as herself to have a playgroup available. She went to Parkwijk Buurtcentrum and rented a room, handmade a poster "Almere Baby Club" with the date/time/place and posted it in the grocery nearby and by the door of the community center... days and weeks passed, exactly after a month - the 1st mother and kid came and they are Dutch, to her surprise amidst the language barrier between her and the Dutch mom and their children - they all enjoyed the company of everyone - thus explains the playgroups name into ABCDE (Almere Baby Club for Dutch and English) Playgroup.

After almost 15 years, we are still getting strong and  has welcomed hundreds of kids and Parents in Almere and listed more than 50 different nationalities. We made great connections and moments we can truly cherish.  

our core volunteers

  Ranessa                Monique                  Yiskah                   siti                      londile               pauline                 emille                     imane                christiana